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 02.12.08 - Day 9 Slimming World

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PostSubject: 02.12.08 - Day 9 Slimming World   Tue 2 Dec - 13:21

clap I got weighed yesterday at SW and was happy to find out that I lost 3lbs! It did not feel like I was being deprived of food last week because I never went hungry. I think it is only when you let yourself get hungry that the cravings start. I admit I had ice cream, latte, chips and a few other things last week and I had my maximum sins. I hope this week I can lose 2lbs even though I am going to Zeynabs for dinner. By Christmas my target is 10lbs so lets see.

cake Yesterday I did not fill in my chart because I had crumpets with butter and kebabs in pitta and crisps so I suppose I saw it as a day off even though I should not do that. I will be strict this week to make up. shy
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PostSubject: Re: 02.12.08 - Day 9 Slimming World   Tue 2 Dec - 15:11

clap Well done

Well youve had your little treat so thats it.........dont give in, like you said you have 6 more days to lose those 2 lbs and as you said you did not feel like you were depriving yourself.

I go to SW tomorrow and i hope i have lost 2 or more LBS and i didnt thinkit was that easy. Maybe when i get the kitchen sorted out i can plan a bit better.

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends
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02.12.08 - Day 9 Slimming World
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