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 Why weight training can help you lose weight

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PostSubject: Why weight training can help you lose weight   Wed 19 Nov - 10:34

Contrary to popular belief, weight training CAN help you lose weight. Yes, in the first few weeks you will gain a few pounds of muscle but in the long term you will burn fat and find your metabolism working much faster than it has ever done.

Here are some PROVEN, well known facts:

  1. Weight training can raise a person's metabolic rate for as long as 12 hours after exercising whereas aerobic exercise only manages the same for around 2-3 hours afterwards. Weight lifting can help minimise the metabolic downturn that occurs as you get older. NOTE: weight training doesn't burn as many calories as cardio, it significantly increases average daily metabolic rate - the perfect foundation for losing fat.
  2. A pound of muscle burns five to 6-10 calories daily whereas a pound of fat only burns around 2 calories daily.

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PostSubject: Weight Training   Wed 19 Nov - 10:35

WOW I need to start training at some point but I am so overweight that I think I need to lose weight first. affraid
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PostSubject: Re: Why weight training can help you lose weight   Fri 28 Nov - 22:14

your not as over weight as me i wobble and fall over with my brain problem and weight dont help my movement .....i used to go to the gym ,didnt enjoy it but did it before i was ill but now my muscles just dont work correctly if you can manage to do some now hun at the weigt you are it will be good and helpful after all thats why all them people are at the gym and weights cos they want what you want ...a healthier body dont be like me sweetie and not think about the future ,struggling around being the odd fatso that cant keep up with the kids .do it for you and for them . i left it too late hun now im trying for my grandkids but its so so hard .
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PostSubject: Re: Why weight training can help you lose weight   

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Why weight training can help you lose weight
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