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 Slimming World - the secret of long term success

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PostSubject: Slimming World - the secret of long term success   Sat 29 Nov - 11:16

Whilst the nutritional aspect of slimming is vital to any slimming plan, the psychological aspect is equally important for long-term success. Slimming World was the first slimming club in the UK to consider the practical and psychological needs of slimmers, and understands how important psychology is in providing a practical solution to the problems of being overweight.

Banish Feelings of Deprivation

Slimming World's stroke of genius is its concept of Free Food, formulated specifically to avoid feelings of deprivation and the need to rebel. We know that it’s no good telling people they can eat as many carrots (raw or cooked) as they want or that they can eat salad (with fat-free dressing) until it’s coming out of their ears. It leaves us uninspired, hungry and doomed to yet another failure.
With Food Optimising you eat until you're satisfied. You're actively encouraged to eat, as opposed to not eat. You're actively encouraged to pile your plate high with normal, everyday foods that will satisfy the heartiest appetite - eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, some cheese, pasta, pulses and grains.
Being given a list of unlimited Free Food may seem quite outrageous; it certainly doesn’t fit the stereotypical “diet”. Understandably, slimmers are quite often sceptical at first; having lived much of their lives in fear of ‘forbidden foods’. Discovering the vast range of unrestricted Free Food is wonderfully liberating.

So with all that free food won’t we go over the top

Fascinatingly, the answer is NO! An almost magical combination of elements come into play.
• You may remember that Free Foods are extremely high on satiety and satiation. This means your appetite is more than satisfied at the time of eating, so you’ll want to stop earlier – and you’ll even find you’re leaving food on your plate until you get used to serving yourself with less.

• The duration of satisfaction until the next mealtime is much greater. This means you go to the next meal without any urgent feelings of hunger. That results in you wanting and needing even less food, in order to feel comfortably full.

• The sub-conscious urge to rebel against so many negative messages around food – don’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t etc.- start to dissolve. Those internal battles that quite often we’re not even aware of, do more damage than many of us realise, diminishing our ability to feel in control and good about ourself. Now, you will feel much more at peace with yourself and with food.

The result, after only a few days, is that you will feel very much in control and your appetite, now greatly reduced through Food Optimising (no pills, no potions, no patches, no cling-film wraps required!) will inform you that you neither want nor need the same quantities of anything in the way you used to.
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PostSubject: Re: Slimming World - the secret of long term success   Mon 1 Dec - 2:08

Oh Yea!!!!

Its still veg,fruit,plain yougurt,eggs herbs and spices thats free. So you gonna tell me thats interesting to fill up on daily? I might be doing slimming world but its not gonna be that easy.
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Slimming World - the secret of long term success
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